tried new Leda suspension at the Ring with motorsport set-up (bit more camber etc)we kept in mind the weight of one man (who doesn’t sit in the middle) and 20 l. fuelcar is ok, we easyly followed the Ringtaxi without pushing very hard - although it is rather strange that even an overpowered Golf GTI can take me over on a very long straight - if it was a little faster on the straights it would be an almost unbeatable trackcartyres don’t touch the body anymorethe leda-stuff has 24 different positionsdoes anyone know the right set-up of those many possibilitiesheard a rumour about Exige II - any confirmation ?

So much depends on the circuit itself - both layout and how bumpy the surface is (and wet / dry).For Silverstone I used 8 clicks (from hard) at the front and 6 at the back - this worked very well - car felt very balanced, with just a little understeer. I have not been to the ring but I can imagine you want something a little softer as Silverstone is F1 smooth.BTW the tyres you are running will make a difference to this as well. With your set up you should be getting onto AO48s to get the best out of it.Cheers

Dont forget mark that your spring are seriously hard - so your setup wont really be applicable to others