i have serious problems with the suspension of my standard exige on normal road tyresit touches the ground at Eau Rouge in Spa and in Fuchsrohre at the Ring - when it goes up again - the rear wheels touch the body of the car very hard - i have even holes where i can see the engine through - and so onin other words : the suspension must be stiffenedhow can this be done ? is there a standard procedure ? should i come to the factory or ask my dealer or a specialised tuner ?

Good question… All my wheel arch lines have been eaten by tyres, and the car does dive/lean more than I’d like (although you could argue some benefits of a compliant suspension)Anywho, I gather Don Boyack (of 260bhp Elise fame) has fitted Pilbeam suspension which wasn’t cheap, as I think a few other guys have… although I’ve not heard of many Exige being converted.Manufacturers that do suspension upgrades (springs + dampers) for the Exige are (from memory):Spax (~ �600)Nitron (~ �800)Racing Dynamics (~ �1500)Pilbeam (~ �even more !)[This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 23 July 2002).]

NarcirisHave a look at (As used by Lotus Motorsport) I also have the phone number of Proflex’s man in the UK, who may be worth talking to. Mail me offline if you want the number.

I have leda race springs on mine. Its very nice [image][/image] I think race-speed are the cheapest for leda.Cheers