Suspension - WARNING !!

Some information that i would like to share with those that drive their cars hard and fast (I guess that’s all of you then !!)

Recently had my car Geo’d all the bars were marked with paint as a visual movement detection guide. i doubled checked all the adjusted joints personally…However i didn’t check the treaded bar that threads into the rear inner balljoint. (big mistake)They are supposed to be torqued in and i think a locking tab of some desciption. But if they have been changed at some time it is possible that there is no lock device on it. Both mine have come loose and one came out completely with no warning !!

I had just done a full track day with no tell tale signs, luckily it happened in a 30 MPH zone in which i was doing bearly 15mph the car swerved violently and the wheel became detached from the suspension. At this point the car is unmoveable either forwards or backwards. Luckily No dammage was done mainly due to my Speed and quick reactions(Miracle )

On checking the other side it was also working loose, so they are now locktighted in as well as torqued.

I am sure this will not happen to anyone else because they are probably all fitted correctly but it only takes 2 mins to check !!


are you talking about the rear toe-links ?

Yes I am !!

I am sure that most people have read the thread and discarded it as a " Yea we know that !! " BUT if it saves a wheel off for just 1 new owner/member then it’s served it’s purpose…

I wish i had known to check this more closely !!