Suspension Setup

What is the proper suspension setup for track use? I am looking for any input on caster/camber etc…ThanksRoy

Roy, Had my on the track for the first time.I had another person test drive it and he said it drove like a 911. He said it felt very neutral and probally would increase the front camber no more than a degree. He didnt like the front wheels rubbing on the inner wheel well liners.

quote:Originally posted by Doug: …drove like a 911. Doug, having owned a few of these beasts and recently was the Register Secretary for the 911 Turbos for the Porsche Club GB, i can only say that the nearest ANY 911 comes to the feel of an Exige for handling is the GT3 and that it’s an awesome car to drive !All IMHO of course…

quote:Originally posted by Roy W. Olivier:What is the proper suspension set-up for track use?Almost everyone over here uses the standard set-up, which we seem to have concurred is probably the best compromise for road and track use. However, as you’re mainly using yours on the track, you may want to kill the understeer a bit by increasing the front camber, softening the roll-bar, and possibly fitting the motorsport front splitter, although this is too low for road use, and is more hassle than you�d think to change. If you search for posts from me containing �camber� you’ll find some piccies and the recommended way of making changes. [image][/image]