Suspension settings

Finally getting around to refurbishing my suspension, so thought I would check the geo before I take it all apart !!Ride height - front 120 mm both sides rear 128mm both sides � half a tank fuel no weight.Loaded car onto machined Ali blocks at correct height for Exige � 112 and 122 and got the following.Front camber 0.6 negative both sidesCastor 3.6 � both sidesToe 30 minutes IN total Rear camber 2.4 negative NS and 2.8 negative OS . Toe 45 minutes OUT totalSeems the both front and rear toe need looking at as does the rear OS camber.Questions: - what is the STD ride height (unloaded) for an Exige ? � my plan will be to base on the original and then check corner weights and work on that rather than ride height � is that correct ?Guess reducing the OS rear camber is a matter of adding shims ?Thanks � this is a little different to Minis !!Andrew

And you ask this on New Years Eve ? Try again next year [image][/image]

Happy New Year Everyone !!I’m starting as I intend the year to continue [image][/image]

Phil ? its 2003 [image][/image]How is it no one answers suspension questions ? or you get 5 answers all with different opinions …If you used rose joints it wouldnt matter at what position you torqued up the bolts … with nylatron bushes do you have a very “free” wishbone (like on rose joints ) or does it have a lot of resistance to movement ? - I guess if its quite free then you can torque up where you want - but I also guess that the bushes do “swell” a bit when they are tightened - depends on the length of the tube for the bolt - agian I guess its just a bit shorter than the total bush length ? if it is teh bush gets squashed a bit and then I would torque up at ride height … might be talking bollocks though [image][/image]

Happy New Year Andrew [image][/image]I think Simon on the other BBS is the best one to answer your questions, he has a wealth of knowledge on these subjects. Try e-mailing him directly, i do if i need a quick answer [image][/image]The nylatron bushes have very free movement but obviously not as good as rose joints. The centre tube is the same length as the bushes and tightening them up doesn’t seem to make them any stiffer, unless you accidently leave one of out [image][/image] good job i noticed !On the rear, the inboard toelink ball joint needs torquing at ride height, i haven’t gone rose joint on these as i spend to much time in normal road use. Too many people overlook the importance of a good suspension setup so there are not that many “experts” about answer questions but Simon is the one i would listen to. For me, who uses the car mainly on the road, will leave it in its compromise state well, apart from the nylatron bushes, oh and maybe a set of Nitrons and new springs, damn, got to get the engine in first [image][/image] [image][/image]

Miniman,I don’t know much about car suspension settings (knew about Bikes, but still learning cars). However, I seem to recall reading somewhere that the Nylatrons and Rose Joints would make an Elise/Exige feel really weird/loose on the street. Too harsh and wondering about. So, only for track use.Read it maybe in CCC?But then, you may know this already. And tell us if you get good results with Nylatrons in normal use, I would be interested.Cheers,Uldis

There was certainly no evidence of this on the street when i tried them out on another car, slightly more noise than the rubber bushes but everything felt a lot better.JIMHO of course

Hi UldisI cant see rose joints or Nylatrons cause those types of problems, make it even more direct maybe with less “give”.What does make it wander about is adding negative camber on the front - works good on the track I understand, dialling out understeer - but then you really make it follow whitelines and camber of the road. Also I understand it takes away some braking ability in wet conditions ( less tyre in contact with the road )So I guess it was the settings they were really talking about rather than the bushes.I’ve driven a few cars on the road with rose joints and /or solid bushes and really it just sharpens the “feel” up IMHO [image][/image]Andrew

Well, in fact, what you say makes sense, maybe a slightly extreme geometry setup was immediately felt with the nylatrons.Miniman, since you were asking about setup, do you have the Exige shop manual?I have it in digital form, it’s 1.42MB, could mail it to you.Cheers,Uldis

Hi UldisThanks for the offer - but I have both the service notes and parts manual on CD.Appreciate the thought !!Andrew

I have been looking for electronic copies of the manuals - I am sick of carrying this beast around to my laptop.Where do I go?

Beto,I could send it to you, but couldn’t see your email on your profile.Edit your profile or if yoy want to keep it secret, just send me an email and I’ll reply.Uldis

Uldis,whilst you’re being so generous, would you mind emailing a copy to me also?TIA Angelo