suspension data needed

hellohas somebody the original suspension (yellow koni) in the exige and can tell me the distance between the spring disc to the beginning of the “thread” at front and rear suspension. a hope that the sentence is understandably.tiaklaus

Hi KlausAm removing wheels on my Exige tomorrow to clean off all the winter road salt - will check what my ‘measurements’ are and post on here - reckon my suspension is originalCheers Simon

Hi KlausMy Exige has yellow konis and I reckon it hasn’t been modified from new.Measurements are:Rear 43mm & 42mmFront 26mm & 25mmThese are lengths of ‘free’ thread showing.Hope this is useful [image][/image]Simon

oh, thanks for your helpI think that you have measured between the green lines => see picture. I habe measured between the red lines and so at front 32 mm and rear 47 mm, so it’s look to be original.klaus

Yep, klaus I measured between the green lines as per your picture. Cheers Simon