SURVEY - Extended Warranties

My first year is about up and, as it was one of the last ones, I guess none of us will be covered by Lotus any longer.So, I was wondering how people have got on with extended warranties?- Have you got one other than the Lotus approved WH scheme?- Have people claimed more than they spent or ended up forking out more than a warranty would have cost?- What do you like/hate about the any scheme?- Advice/thoughts?- etcCheers, Ian [image][/image]

ian , i got a years warranty on mine when i bought it , it was the lotus one … when i had problems , oil seal and then new crankshaft they at first refused to pay and finally covered the entire cost about a week before the warranty ran out … i think you have to push them or have a dealer that carries some weight . i chose not to renew for �550 i think , its a gamble a. that you dont have a problem and b. that they will pay for it anyway . as we all know these cars arent exactly indestructible hah

This all sounds familiar. here’s a link to a previous thread. Regards,Phil GT

Thanks chaps.Phil I had read that but wondered if there was any update from people almost a year on.Cheers, Ian [image][/image]

Ian, guess it also depends on how many miles you’re doing. I’d considered extending mine, but don’t think I’ll bother now as I rarely drive it these days.

IDG,I have looked into alternatives, which are commonly purchsed with secondhand cars and it has to be said that they are considerably cheaper !!The important difference between warranties is that some have limits per claim and others are named componenat only.I found these 2 policies to be the cheapest ALL component warranties with the claim amount being that of the purchase price of the car.1:- Warrantwise �272.752:- Drive Assured �295I hope this is of useRUPZO

Thanks Rupzo, that’s great! I’ll investigate.Cheers, Ian [image][/image]

Rupzo,Have you got any contact details for the companies you mentioned. I’m rather interested in those prices.The first company I can’t find on the Web (is it a sound set-up?) and the second appears to be a Warranty Holdings scheme (the same people who do the much more expensive Lotus official scheme).Ta, Ian [image][/image]