Supersports Suspension

I picked up my Exige S about a month ago and was told by the dealer that the information regarding the set up of the suspension was in the hand book. Wasn’t to convinced as I had seen it in any other handbook I’d had but you live and learn. Anyway to the point has anyone got the details regarding the different adjustments. Probably won’t mess about with it to much but would like to know never the less.

I was told the same thing! I will check when i get home, Im sure I got it off elisetalk.

Here we go

Ok thanks for that.

I have the full lowered setting for the car .It came with the two ‘c’ spanners to adjust the spring platforms. If you like i can fax them to you.
I also have the standard settings for the car.
Camber, castor, Toe and ride heights. And damper settings.

I got the 2 c spanners but that was it. Thanks for the offer if I do decide to change the settings I may get back to you. Cheers anyway.