Supersport Zorsts and things

I’ve just had the 190 thing carried out and its awesome. A top job by the Nick Whale crew in Birmingham, I’d recommend them to anyone. Very professional unlike some lOtus dealers, names witheld. I would now like to upgrade the exhaust system. Can anybody offer me any advice on aftermarket exhausts. I’ve read and heard rumours that the Janspeed, lotus item has had various problems. Can anybody offer any evidence, pros or cons?Has anybody got any good / bad news with ref to exhaust? Does it fit directly onto the standard manifold OK?Does the aftermarket manifold offer any greater benefit than the standard one?The parts directory offers two different sizes(inside diameter). Does this mean that you have to play around with other areas i.e ECU fuel air ratio? Change the breathing system etc? Any info would be appreciated? Thanks in anticipation.

Huskydog,I’ve got the Oval Janspeed s/s supersports Xost c/w cat byass pipe. 190 UG etc. The sound is amazing. Sounds more like a big bike than a car. Would not have anything else. (Don’t think it would pass db test @ track though)Phil GT

Huskeydog,You’re absolutely right about Nick Whale Sportscars, very professional. On your recommendation from this website, I drove straight to Birmingham from St. Albans (about 85 miles), and it was worth it.I saw a great looking Titanium Exige, drove it; bought it. I pick it up next week with 190bph upgrade and a sports exhaust.

You will have problems with most ‘Elise’ exhaust due to the tail pipes not extending far enough (the Exige bodywork is deeper).Can do the Janspeed supersports for �325 all in if interested -