Supercharger Upgrade (Part 4)

Received this today: quote:Latest news on your Exige.1. Engine management mapping.This is now virtually completed. The final stage is to ensure the engine isMOT emissions test compliant (with Catalyst re-fitted). Ongoing.2. Charge cooler, pipe, bracket and fabricated items. Delays outside of our control are currently being experience. This is due to a bereavement.3. Clutch.The clutch supplied to us is not strong enough to cope with the torque now being produced by your engine. We were assured that it would be! Supplier working on a replacement at present. ETA early next week, but chasing every day.4. Silicon HosesOur manufacturer of specially formed silicon hoses is moving factory.Although this has not coursed a delay in proceeding so far (temporary hoses fitted) we still have not received parts. Chasing every day.I will let you know how it is progressing as I receive more news David. My sincere apologies for these frustrating production delays. I can assure you we are doing everything possible to prevent further delay.[This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 09 August 2001).]

Can the mapping be actually finished if the intercooler has not yet been made and fitted ?

Bloody hell!!!

Phil,Well… a) They’re copying the Elise VHPD mappings across to mine (they’re not doing a map for my car)b) They claim to have use a prototype charge-cooler to get the mappings, and now they’re building a production version.c) **** upd) Brewery

I bet he used to say that the dog ate his homework when he was at school

Admin,What’s the latest on your TT conversion? Has it proved reliable? Did you find TT’s work to a high standard? Also what about those emissions - does your car pass without any hassles?Thanks.