Supercharger Upgrade (Part 3)

TT finally got the TT260 up on the rollers at Emerald yesterday and recorded a fairly sweet 270BHP (they expected more than 260 following their fuelling/charge-cooler mods)Which pushes power/weight up to a tidier 335BHP/tonLater today I’ll be uploading a plot of the TT260 curves against a standard Exige curves.Stranger things have happened but I may get a drive in it this week…

when u will have the honour to have your car back?(r u still able to recocnize it? hehe)

quote:Which pushes power/weight up to a tidier 335BHP/tonWow! That’s starting to get very serious! [image][/image] Let us know how the test drive goes… [image][/image]

So about those brakes Tony… [image][/image]

reckon you’ll need binlids

quote:Originally posted by stevegreen:reckon you’ll need binlidsI’v got an old army PARACHUTE! interested?Kee [image][/image]