Supercharger stay bar

So …
I’m refitting the bag of bits that was returned to me along with my rebuilt gearbox and notice that a rectangular bracket which fits onto the clutch slave cylinder has a piece snapped off.
I printed off a few pages from the Lotus manual to investigate what the bracket does ?
It appeared to be no more than a cable tie bracket so not too important then ?
Anyhow , later today it was still bugging me that something wasn’t quite right so I looked at diagrams on Deroure…
Voila ! On S/C cars its one end of the supercharger stay bar ! … the other end still being attached to the supercharger .
Out with the mig welder tomorrow then …
Gawd knows how long it had been snapped for either .
Glad I’m taking my time and being meticulous on the refit.
Worth checking at oil change time I reckon.

Yeah I have heard it is a very common thing to break. Someone should come out with a beefed up version.

Can I smell gravy?

And on that note, im off out for lunch!!

Sounds like Horseplay to me…

Mine was broken as well, John has fitted a later revised version of the bracket as they were prone to failure so Lotus upgraded them.

What year did lotus start using the beefy bracket ?

Do you mean Dany Bahar?

I think even the beefier bracket, could do with being beefier

You want more bull from Lotus?

Nah, Dan & the Man has left the building… :laughing:

No idea ring John :wink:

"Hello Lotus , yeah can I speak to John that does the beefy brackets please " :slight_smile:

^^^ :smiley: :smiley: lmao ! arise Sir Crabcakes :smiley: :smiley: ^^^

Beefy bracket costs 3X the price as a standard one btw.
One is enroute to me now …
Edit nearly 5 x the price …

The 'BEEFY bracket !

One costs 17 quid ,the other costs 80 quid …

Most impressive welds! :laughing:

Indeed … they should stick to turkey farming

On a serious note …
The flange on the new bracket is thicker than the standard one so consider using slightly longer bolts to compensate …
Speaking from experience !

Both look like they cost £0.12 not £80!

Indeed , but the labour costs to retap slave cylinder threads will divert your thoughts from poor welds !