Supercharged S1

Before i order an s2 exige just wondered if anyone perhaps might know of any of the history of this car.
Sorry for link couldnt get autotrader link to work correctly. Black TT260



Defo worth a look IMO… go ask lots and lots of questions, find out who was previous owner, why’d they sell etc etc…

For the money… how else could you get >330bhp/tonne ??

Before you order an S2 Exige, you’re considering a TT260 S1 ? They are chalk and cheese.

One is an Elise with a roof, the other is a seriously fast piece of kit with drop-dead looks…

Let me think about that tricky choice for one second…

Just a thought - Black Exige, Bury - wasn’t Evosal’s black? albeit “standard” at the time.

Christian, if you are seriously interested then I imagine Pesky would be happy to look over it (it’s only over the hill - the car not you Rob ) on his return from Le Mans.