Supercharged K-series 290bhp

Supercharged 1.8 K-Series

This engine has zero road miles, but has been run in on the dyno prior to mapping.

The spec is as follows:

1.8 Engine block
Specially modified liner assembly
Steel Crank
Steel oil pump gear
Steel Rods
Uprated pistons
Steel ladder
Steel full bolts
Lightened and Balanced Flywheel
7 �� clutch
QED Head
Uprated cams and valves
Vernier pulleys
Heavy duty cam belt
Map sensor
Air filter
Magicor Lead set
Valeo Twin Coil
8 peco 330 injectors
Fuel pressure regulator
Throttle pot
Steel single piece Fuel rails
Twin water injection
DTA Pro 8 ecu complete with maps

290 bhp and 242 ftlb

The engine cost �18,000 to build, and I am looking for offers

Contact me on 07966 388229
or email me [email protected]

Spending �18K on an engine, not using it, then selling it Why ?

Engine sounds nice whats the time between rebuilds 5000 miles ?

An obvious question, and one that has a painful answer!

The car has gone way over budget and my original sponsor went under.

I now need to try and claw some of the the money back, so that I can at least finish the project. When i become a little more flush then, maybe, I can worry about major power.

The project had an original budget of �30k that was blowen way out of the water!

As for rebuilds, who knows.

The engine was built to run at 8500 rpm. We then limited it to 7000 rpm. Also unlike the TT engine, we are using a steel ladder with massive steel bolts running through the block, should keep the thing together!!!

So I think it will last a good while!

Any further questions…Just ask

Im a tyre kicker only here, but it may help sell it if:

you can say who built it, ie was it built by one of the known K series companies; and

if it is known if there is any warranty from the builder

final question - if it is rev limited to 7,000 what is the power output at that point - assuming the full power arrives later on…do you have dyno prints to publish - that would be interesting?

QED built the engine, using a Force-one modified Eaton Supercharger.

I can supply a power graph:


And a picture of the engine in the workshop:


I suppose the next question is…

Will it fit an Elise or Exige or has it been made to fit the Atom ?

Another observation, the engine picture at QED has blue vernier pulleys, the engine in your car has red ones

No changes were made in the fitting of the engine to the Atom, so there is no reason why it wont fit in any other car the engine was designed to fit in.

As for the different colour pulleys?

I think you play where’s Wally too much!

Not sure though, will ask.

As for the different colour pulleys?

I think you play where’s Wally too much!

Not sure though, will ask.


sorry to be dumb and dumber here… but what dya mean ??

Which part do you need explaining?


You’ll have to excuse Rox - he’s from North of the border. If you had said [color:“red”]“Where’s Jocky” [/color] , he would have understood

Alternatively, he’s never strained his eyes, looking at the damn book, like the rest of us

I know it trivia but i am completely lost… and even more intrigued than ever.

me being dumb & dumber doesn’t understand what ‘playing wally’ means… i’m still lost…

You have brightened my evening up immensly, i’m still chuckling as a write but… I haven’t got a scooby doo what the hairoil you are on about… maybe cause I can’t read…

or maybe something to do with not having an AFAIK engine in my exige…

it feels like one of those puzzles where everyone around you can see the answer but your still thinking what the @¿½* are they going on about… what is it…

but that’s the story of my life…

Atom - sorry about hijacking this thread!

Rox see Book , however, best get yourself to a bookshop for a look - may even be a good stocking filla for the kids

All I want to do is sell my engine!

Rox: Where�s Wally is a children�s book that has a picture of a foreign exchange student Wally dressed in a red and white stripped jumper and hat. He is placed within loads of people on the page and you have to try and find him!

Sorry it really wasn�t that interesting, but at the time I thought it was reasonably apt!

Anyhow, can we get back to the subject matter and talk about someone fitting this rather powerful motor into their car!

omigod… this site is just so educational…

Atom, i’d love to fit your engine in my car but… there is the rather awkward question of big numbers of spondoolies which would prevent that happening, anyhow good luck and I hope you get someone soon it does look like a nice un.

But did you know it’s called “Where’s Waldo” in America?

Re-advertising due to a couple of time-wasters!!!

Just want someone to make me an offer.