Supercharged Exige

Ive decided to put my Supercharged Exige up for sale. Im sure most of you no the car but for the people that dont its a Turbo Technics conversion costing �9900 + VAT. Its runs at 265bhp, does 0-60 in 4.3 and 0-100 in 10.5! It has upgraded seats, brakes etc. Reg is X1GEK, its titanium and very fast. Phone for full spec, lovely car. Its done 21500 miles. i haven’t advertised it anywhere else at the minute but should be in top marques in 2 weeks hopefully. I am looking for �21800 Bargin! Contact Chris on 07812080261 or 01676 541793. Coventry area.

Ridiculous!!! For that price you’d have to twist my arm and provide me with dancing girls.

Hey Chris,

Why are you selling the “beast”?

I would really like to keep it to be honest. I want a car i can use as a track car but i need five seats. I love the Evo 7 but cant afford that and keep the Exige. So im getting my five seater Evo 7 and will be looking for a cheapish Elise for the track. It wont be as fast but should be just as fun and i can take the roof off on the one day a year we have some sun!