supercharged Exige sold

My supercharged Exige looks like it will be having a new home as from next week, some 61 year old guy has just gave me �21000 for it (he has a 340r aswel, rich git). I regrett selling already, done want to but my insurance is due at �3200 and i just haven’t got it due to crap jobs ive had over the past year. Starting a new job Monday so will be saving again and i hope to buy another one next year. Gutted i carn’t keep it though. I even thought about just storing for 6 months while i save for the insurance.


Come back soon Chris.


hope you can come back to us next year


Sorry to hear it,
Hope you still pop along to Arrow Mill every now and again


I might go down to the Arrow Mill next month. I relly wish i could keep it, it feels like signing my life away selling my car. Its my second lotus, had an Elise first and its upset me to have to sell both. There the only cars i regrett selling and the only cars ive been forced to for money reasons. I get such a buzz just owning the lotus’s. I will be back thats for sure.

Hi Chris,

Who’s done the supercharger job ?
Were you happy with it ? No overheating ?
What sort of power/torque ?


I thought TT were the only people really charging the K.

If so, I think that’d be about 260bhp and 200ft/lb.


Yep, that’s right. Chris had a TT Exige, producing those figures (well, actually closer to 270 bhp, isn’t it so Chris?). It used to be David’s car, and the first Exige converted. It will be missed.

it was 267bhp. I was over the moon with it, had 1 real problem with it over the year but nothing at major expense. It runs colder than a standard Exige so no over heating problems. Its runs at around 70 on the gauge. Im hopeing to get another one in about a year if one comes back up for sale, there’s only 4 made so could be in for a wait though.

OK thanks for answers.
Looks like someone from the yahoo 340r group had his 340 TTed for 260 HP and was never happy with it. Had all sort of ptoblems nad had to revert back to origin. Got me scared. Your experience seems to be quite different. Maybe more engine room in the Exige makes the difference. I do not know as I am totally mechanical illiterate…


I do not know as I am totally mechanical illiterate…

Take the Honda route then.