Supercar Sunday 15th July 2001

Anyone going or have been at previous years?

Steve,I was reading this myself - never been, but I might fancy a bash. Anyone else ?

I’ve been before. In fact, although you can’t quite see it, my car was about three up from the yellow Lamborghini Miura in the top left of the photo. I’m going this year too, but not in a Lotus I’m afraid. As for the event, it’s great for chin wagging and sightseeing, there’s a good car museum complete with F1 cars et al, good facilities, etc. There are also charity rides that you can get involved in if you so desire. As long as the weather is ok, it’s worth going to.You may also be able to get in free. “Supercars” are eligible for free entrance passes, but, and please don’t take this the wrong way, I don’t know if they class Lotus as supercars. If you want to find out, contact Andrea (pronounced “Ondraya”) Duncan on 01926 645120, or 01926 641188. Maybe see you there? [image][/image]

anyone volunteering to make the phone call…surely an Exige must count on production numbers over other lotus models?

I hope to get a “pass” for this!Russ - what time to depart from oop North?

quote:anyone volunteering to make the phone call…Ok, I’ll ring her on Monday with my Lotus hat on!Russ, Pesky, et al, I’ll be arriving from down south (picking the car up), but if anyone’s interested in a return convoy…

Tony - thanksRob-Dunno, I will run it on Autoroute and see what the journey time is. Steve are you up for a meet on the way down?

yes…will need to look at autoroute first as I generally like to go there on the backroads and just use the M ways for the return.

quote:…use the M ways…I thought this board had a no swearing policy?! [image][/image]I’ve rung Andrea, but she’s busy, so I’ve left a message for her to get back to me ASAP. I’ll post as soon as she does…

Thanks for the tip. Got my tickets on there way. Pesky/Rusty give us a call when you know what time you will be getting there and ill team up with you reprobates again around Jn 12 M40 or somewhere.Any one else going?Map “Thanks to Streetmap” [This message has been edited by Keenan Perrin (edited 09 July 2001).]

So ? How was it ?!?

Superb day out - competition for best noise of the day was between an old Ferrari F1 car with a V16, and Mr Whitter’s Orange beastie. Amongst the “supercars” were various Ferraris, Lambo’s, De Tomaso, Lotii, TVR etc. Oh, and not forgetting the Nissan 200SX [image][/image]Nice drive back as well, in convoy with Mr & Mrs W, Pesky & us, frightening small children, OAP’s and bikers [image][/image] [image][/image].

Hey folks, fame at last !

quote:Hey folks, fame at last !Me too! [image][/image] Great to meet you folks. Thanks Keenan, Russ, Pesky, et al for the company to and from Gaydon; it was brilliant seeing the Exiges blasting around the roads being used properly! [image][/image]As an aside, for those who want to know what the orange monster looks like, there’s a pic towards the bottom of the PistonHeads page - click to enlarge.

quote:Originally posted by RussT:with Pesky frightening small childrenD.I’ve heard about that… when’s the court case due ? [image][/image](only joking)

DavidYou will shortly be receiving a missive from my lawyers.(Not joking)Gary Glitter