Sunseeker Rallye

OK, it’s not Lotus or Exige related but froze my arse off in the forest last weekend watching the Sunseeker Rally. You can find some shots that me and my mate Tap took here…blatant plug for his website that I am now contributing to

Anyone racing in the Mid-Engined series this year able to get us a Media Pass for a race or two it would be mucho appreciated…

Just realised, you gotta scroll right down the bottom to see any shots by yours truly like this one.

Tut, & there was me thinking thia would be about boats

Only kidding - fantastic photos, no, bloody brilliant photos


i can’t quite put my finger on it but for some reason these pics lok f[�$(n marvellous to me…

fantastically good photos but don’t the LandRovers look strange with those small wheels and tyres - if they are a controlled size I dont see the benefit of running these type of vehicles?