Hello All,I’ve searched through various posts on this subject which all end with-out giving details on the manufacturer that makes the SunScreen. I noticed David’s in CCC a couple of months ago (motorsport logo and - could anyone advise on where I can purchase one?JamesLRG Exige

Pesky’s ya man!

JamesEmail me your home address. Sun strips are �18. I will need to know your preferred colours for the background & the letters/logo. Most popular are black background, siver letters.

Cheers Pesky - You Have Mail [image][/image]

Peskywhats siver?Is that northern for a cooking term??or is it Mam, I’m cold!HEEHEE

Hi Pesky,Could you let me know how much the rear window sticker is pleaseThanks Senna

JamesI have the black background and silver letters on a Black Exige. They look the business (although my wife thinks it’s really sad!)There are some instructions on how to fit if you search the archives. I did not do this however and have some interesting alternative fitting advice if required!Giles

quote:Originally posted by Senna 1:Could you let me know how much the rear window sticker is pleaseSenna�1.50 each.