Hi guys,

Does anyone know of companies who make baffles for
k series engines?



Plans Motorsport, do a baffled Sump for the K


Do you happen to know whether this is the whole sump or just the baffle (which we’ll need to get welded/bolted in)?



It’s an exchange sump, they do the welding…


This one looks like it bolts to the oil rail…

elise parts baffle

With due respect to Geary, that is a windage plate and will do nothing to contain the oil around the pickup since any baffling is well above the oil level line.

Proper baffling will prevent oil shunt around the sump and will extend fully to the floor of the sump and contain both vertical and horizontal baffles that will prevent the oil moving away from the pickup under centripedal forces.


Dave, the engine will not be mounted transverse as its going into another car, does anyone know who does one for caterhams etc.

But we have to run the full size sump!

The Caterham sump is far worse WRT to surge as it has no well, the only baffling I am aware of for it doesn’t really do the job. The Plans sump seems to work quite well so it is worth considering if you can accomodate a full depth sump.