Stutters at 5000rpm?

Anyone else had their exige coughing on a regular basis at around 5000rpm? Seems to come about after a brief run in city traffic, followed by a brief stop (e.g. gassing up). First, it keeps stalling on tickover, then, when extended later on, the engine coughs violently at just above 5000rpm…Good news is, it seems to clear itself up if you stop again, once it’s all nice & warm…Strange, though not as strange as some of the noises coming from the transmission in fourth and fifth!!!Mark

Go to your coil pack, push each plug lead firmly into place. You’ll find one of them will probably click back into place.Common problem.Let us know how you get on.

Did this work as I have just developed the same problem driving to work this morning. Though I also have a loud noise like escaping air coming from the engine bay at the same time.

Fitted Magnecours’ just before Le Mans. No problems since, and I had to click mine every day. Lotus should bl**dy well pay for them though.

I have had the same problem that Hythe describes and apparently it is not unknown with Elises. Basically it arises from restarting a hot engine. Petrol vapour forms in the fuel line giving an intermittent fuel supply, also known as ‘vapour lock’.

Hi,I don’t hope this has anything to do with your problem but in Germany two Exiges developed that sort of misfire and caught fire shortly after that!!! Unfortunately I don’t know about any further investigations concerning this problem, but I think you’d better keep an eye on the rear view mirror and watch out for flames…!Check this link for a similar death of a 340R! Nikolaj

Great!!! I used to enjoy flames coming out of the back off the car

I can’t say that my Exige has a stutter but between 4,500 - 5,000 rpm the power band is a bit lumpy. I don’t know if it is down to the mapping or the engine coming on cam?

quote:I can’t say that my Exige has a stutter but between 4,500 - 5,000 rpm the power band is a bit lumpy.It shouldn’t be, especially if you have the 190 kit fitted. You might want to get your dealer to check it out next time it’s in…

Problem solved. indeed it was the old lead working loose problem. Thanks for the feedback.:slight_smile:

New leads are a great investment (I went for the Magnecours’ too - they do a standard kit 340R/Exige set). Has to have a preventative effect on the knock-on effects caused by poor sparking.

I have the same problem mine develops a violent hiccup at 5,600 on full throttle.This is the second time now, once after about 25laps at donny - and again this morning, in both cases after a brief stop following hard running.Chaps , do you have a part no/supplier for the Magnecours?Thanks in advanceRoy.What did you pay?

I have the same problem as this and its bang on 5600 RPMIf you just stop! Turn the car off for a few seconds the problem goes away every time. It only seems to happen if the car fails to start on the first key turn.Try It!Bran

Brannan,Seems the problem has become more prevalent, so I had the chance to try your suggestion but unfortunately it made no difference… [image][/image]Once running and without the problem it never seems to happen, but again if you stop and restart it then is there for the duration.I wonder if heat soak is causing the leads to be distrubed somehow, perhaps a restart shakes the leads back into place? No … otherwise I’m sure it would clear after hitting a few bumps, mystery… I will get the Magnecours, others seem to say this cleared the problem.

I have had the same problems for a while now - occasional bad spluttering around 5,500 rpm. It happens only with a hot engine when you switch off and re-start (e.g. at a petrol station or on a track day in between sessions). I have the Magnecors fitted, so I’m sure it’s got little to do with the spark leads…The only way to get rid of the problem is to stop the engine and re-start - although it’s not a totally reliable remedy. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Really annoying during a track day, esp. given that a balanced throttle through bends invariably puts you right in the middle of the problem range!At first I thought it might have something to do with the occasional need to ‘re-set’ the ECU (modern BMW motorbikes are known to suffer from this), but experts have suggested vapour lock. The latter sounds more likely given the occurence pattern. My dealer and I are looking into it. Not much help so far, but I’ll keep you posted if there’s news to report.Roland

quote:so I’m sure it’s got little to do with the spark leadsDohhh!Just ordered my leads…

At least if you get new leads you can cross that off the list of culprits.

I’ve bought magincors now and I think it has solved the problem - I’ve spoken to Lotus on lot’s of occasions and they offered very little help - now that my warranty has expired they don’t care…

quote:Originally posted by Guy: now that my warranty has expired they don’t care…They didn’t care before either… in fact… they cared less then, when they thought they may have to fix it.I’ve fitted Magnecors too, they’re ace.

You know that mysterious contagious rash I mentioned in a previous thread. Well it has cropped up as a misfire at 5600 revs. The car will stutter exactly three times before clearing. Same conditions as above, after a short stop. Remedy; stop the car, wait a few moments, turn ignition on and allow what ever technical bits to sort them selves out, start the car and hey presto.Not convinced about the leads tried a set (borrowed) and same problem. Look good thoughAbout the rash. Please could you just indulge me by opening a thread and all writing in to say, how wonderful the car is, how you never have problems, Lotus are brilliant and dealers do everything you ask when you ask without taking your eyes out. Then I might catch the fantasy bug instead of the same problems as everybody else.Go on please. It might work you never know