Stupid Questions

I have a few questions for you tech experts!1. What is the difference between the LSD that Lotus sells, vs. the Rover or the Quaife unit?2. What is the difference between the Ultra Close Ratio gearset that Lotus sells and Quaife sells?3. Who has the best prices on these items?Thank you.Roy

Don’t know about the LSD, but I know that the Quaife gearset is straight cut (ie noisy) while the Lotus gearset is not. They are the same ratios.Cheers

right Mark, lotus are semi helical.The noise is beween the standard and straight cut.Anyway i can live with straight cut… [image][/image]

Depending on the cut… [image][/image]

Quaife has close ratio helical gearsets. Here’s the catalog link. Roy you should probably ask on the Lotus Life BBS, to find out who the 3rd party supplier to Lotus is - it COULD be Quaife, but even then it could be a metallurgical & tolerance spec.Bob

u have to know that a helical gearset costs twice compares to straight cut…

Track or Road. Track, the straightcut is drowned by the engine. Road it ain’t, unless you really give it death.Cheers