Stuffed at <3K :o(

Thanks to a wayward 111r at 45mph

A week into ownership and I reckon she’ll be away for around 6 weeks now… boohoo ((((

Thanks to a wayward 111r at 45mph

Tough luck, mate

111R, a mate’s, on the road or track???

On a single track road, I was stationary

Oh No!
Unlucky mate! Can they repair the body work?

Bad luck matey! Hope it get sorted all a OK!

It always brings tears to my eye’s when i think of someone getting rear ended

Very bad Luck, hope it get’s repaired soon.

oh shitssky timmsky…

what’s the 111R look like tho?..

sorry to hear about this Iain, even tho’ i bet your pretty sick - so will the 111R be - you seem to be coping well with it and you’ll get it back and forget it ever happened i hope…

[censored], rotten luck Iain - you must be gutted. Main thing is no one hurt though. Make sure Wallyford get you a new clam rather than trying to bodge the old one and it should be good as new when done.


Bad luck mate. Was this on a run or just you and a mate out for a drive?