Stuck Throttle

Hey Guys,I was hoping someone could tell me if they had the same problem. Finally got the Exige out on the track at Lime Rock Ct. and on the third run of the day while entering the uphill, I down shifted and with the clutch in, blipped the throttle and WHINNNNNNN…The throttle stuck!!! Luckily I pulled into the chikane ( not being used ) and turned off the car. Have not used it since!!! I thought that it would be linkage or the pedal but it was not. I had to have the throttle body taken off. I seems that a spring got stuck and does not release unless forced to. As soon as the spring is stretched again, it’ll get stuck. I have sent it off to the machine shop to have it reconfigured. Seems like someone else might have the same problem and surprised it has not been corrected by Lotus…Any thoughts?

Not atually happened to me whilst driving but the throttle bodies are of a poor design around that linkage, it gets stuck if the hex screw that holds it is done up too tight.