Stuck brake disc..any advice??

1 of my front brake disc is stuck… I have tryed to remove it normally with a “3 arm claw”… but the disc broke … Also tighten the claw and hit the disc with hammer… broke another place. … And have left the claw tightend while I went for a cup of tea… but after 20 min the disc broke again … Have also sprayed with rust remover…

So…the disc is broken in 3 places now…dont have that many more attempt left with the claw… any ideas what I should try next…? … dont really wanna use a grinder…ufff uff… helppp

Have you tried heating the disk up?? If the disk and hub have rustd together, rapid heating and quenching (cooling in water) of the disk might seperate the two items.

Instead of trying to pull it off the hub, have you tried to break the grip by hitting it almost at a tangent…a cold chisel into the vanes. Look to see if there is a gap between the wheel studs both in front and behind the disk and work the disk in both directions. I’m not certain, but am guessing it will be easier to “shear” it free in this plane rather than attempt to pull it off.

Havent tryed any of thease options… I will do it tommorow…and hopfully it will get off… … thanks.