Stripey at last

I’ve been threatening to put gold wheels and stripes on the Exige for a while now, finally done it!Some pictures from the Southrun VII on Dan�s site Verdict?Cheers, DJ

Love the makeover [image][/image] Wheels done by Wicked Wheels?

Thanks!Not sure about the wheels, all the work was done by Sinclaires, but they sent the wheels off to be done. A very good finish though.Cheers, DJ

Nice combination!And I like actually the pics with the geese in the background [image][/image]Uldis

Hey Damian, are you just trying to get more rides at the next Sporting Bears??Ian [image][/image]

Caught the Pesky disease that one…Looks cool tho’ - I think with the gold stripes, the wheels have to be gold to so no worries there - its all personal opinion tho’

Ian,How’d you guess, I reckon the kids will love it!DJ

Sporting bears - this weekend guys - looks like I’m the only Exige there this time, so you’ll have to wait until next September![This message has been edited by X1GGE (edited 13 February 2003).]

Cr&p, wanted to do that again!They didn’t even collect the money off my company for last year, and they’d have matched pretty much anything. Ho hum!Enjoy!CheersDJ

Damian, that doesn’t surprise me really. I feel a little let down by them to be honest, there has been no mention/thank you or anything about our efforts last year. I’ve raised a significant amount of cash though my Porsche website that they don’t seem to bothered about collecting either. I do know that they have been having troubles appointing various roles within the organisation which may be the reason.

That explains a lot. I’m going to try to arrange something similar with the SELOC group, although I think we’ll need more than just Loti(?) to attract people along.The company I work for has agreed to match anything up to �100k for charity donations for the UK. I’d like to see a large chunk of that going towards a worthwhile charity.Last year we only donated �27k. SB could have had the same.They did send me a letter telling me how much they had raised and thanks for helping.I’d love to pop along but I’m working on Saturday.Cheers, DJ