Stripes ?

SHMBO reckons my new car would look good with stripes, and I suspect she might be right. But I’m not sure. Anybody got any good pics of (preferably Ardent red) S2s with stripes?

I’m not sure whether black, or white would look best. Black seems to make sense because there’s so many black parts on the car, but white generally looks good against a red background.

You’ve been looking at a Fiesta ST havent you ? or was it the GT40


I prefer to think of it as a GT40/Cobra/Viper sort of thing, but I must admit the stripes look kind of good on the Fiesta

Have a look at stratstone Lotus web site they have a white S2 with black stripes which looks pretty good(and I want it sooooo bad) They had a red one as well a few months back so they will probably be able to help and provide a pic. I’ve seen a red s2 with white stripes, but I would be different and go for black…Thats what I was going to do if I did a deal on the red one at Nick Whales

What about gold …as a nod to the Gold Leaf days (cough)


Look what you put on if you are driving through Italy with nads of steel…



With the next Installment of Drivers Run coming up on Thursday and the route heading to Maranello and the Nurburgring, I decided it was time to temporarily change my image. Will post pictures as soon as it arrives!

Very exciting. It should go down well with the locals…I hope!


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It’s not a race, it’s a rally!

Nice one ED

…but I must admit the stripes look kind of good on the Fiesta

Clearly not an S1 owner!


FFS, who wants stripes on an Exige?



Pesky, I thought you were serious for a second there

Love the dobbin badge. Bet the italians really appreciated that

Tim, I’m not old enough to remember the gold leaf days, so maybe not.

Hmmm… where’s that Stratstone’s website? I’ll take a look when I’ve got a minute.

FFS, who wants stripes on an Exige?

Stripes IN an Exige I can manage anytime…

have you tried

They show a ardent red elise with what looks like titanium stripes



Viper stripes on an S2, you must be joking

I still think white ones would look good, but I can’t justify spending the money at the mo anyway.


Why not go for vinyl stripes? They’ll only cost about �100, & can easily be removed if you don’t like them (paint them on, & you’re stuffed!)

I can’t even really justify spending the �100 at the moment, but I’ll certainly consider it later in the year.

Trade a spotlamp cover for SteveJ’s spare white vinyl