Hey peeps.

First time poster, so please be gentle!

I’ve just paid my deposit on a a new S2 and I take delivery in May - I’m like a kid wating for Xmas!

This may have been done to death (tell me if it has and I’ll search further back), but has anyone striped their S2?

If so, what’s involved and what are the costs?


I get the keys to my Exige S2 at the beginning of April so I know that kid at Christmas feeling too!
I had looked into the cost of striping, there are two options one is the double thin stripe, looks great on an Elise but a little fussy at the back on an Exige. Because of the fussiness of the job you are looking at a grand for the double stripe.
The other interesting option is a single tapering stripe. This is cheaper at 750 and Wilson�s have a red exige with such a stripe. Unfortunately there camera is out of sorts so have not seen the finished article.
Hope that helps

Pesky, did you pay that much for yours?!


Pesky, did you pay that much for yours?!


Did I f*ck!

Painted stripes are going to be expensive, but mine are vinyl (cough!)


…but mine are vinyl (cough!)

Excellent, ideal for emergency patching of Veronique if she goes down!


Wilson seem to have sorted their camera problems. Second page of their used car section pics of red exige with single stripe.

Hmm? That doesn’t work for me.


nor me… looks like its missing something


It’s just to narrow, either has to be two thin stripes or one thick one. A single thick white stripe with thin black edges on the red could look quite good. Or to go completely for the race car look match the wheels to the stripe colour.

Here is an elise with 2 stripes: [image] [/image]

you are looking at a grand for the double stripe.

FFS �1000 the vinyl for my stripes cost �10, and took an afternoon to fit, even if you were to get the stripes fitted professonally I wouldn’t expect it to be more than �200.


The grand is for painted spripes.

Jamie, are you getting your car through MMC, what spec is it, and will we see you up at KH .


Yeah my cars though MMC at a very un-MMC price (bought my 111 S2 through them too)

The spec…
Performance pack (of course)
Ss stage 2
pipercross induction kit
Paint protection stuff

Intend to get the first 1000miles out the way within the first two weeks, then it will be game on!

As for KH I intend to be living there!
When are you guys heading there? Will need some advice etc

Nice spec I’m not sure but I think you might be the first here to get the performance pack, most seem to opt for the touring pack . I’m not sure when the next outing to KH is, but most of us are heading down to Croft next month, you up for that


I’ve got the performance pack and i think i was the first person on here with an S2

The pack thing??? do not understand why you would buy the touring you get useless sunvisors and sound-deadening -why? Your only going to make it louder one way or the other. As for the DAB tuner most dont even work that well!
Belts and oil coolers sooo much worth it!
Rant over
I grab the keys on the 5th April add two weeks to get it run in so should be up for the track late April.
And yourself Dave are you a S1 owner?

ooh ooh Mr Pesky where did you get your Mud (anti stone chip) flaps from? I was abot to tw*t about making some, I’m hoping you are going to tell me I can buy some fantastically cheap? Also I’m fancying geting some vynil cut for the rear clam behind the door windows i’m assuming these were commissioned specially by yourself?



Good news for you

Mudflaps are Halfords “Universal”, cut so they fit in the wheel arch without restricting the wheel. They cost about �5

Do a search in the archives - early 2001 time, & you should find relevent threads.

Black bits - yep, fitted by the guys who did the stripes.

bugger - I have just sat down after returning from a lunchtime jaunt to the aforementioned Halfrauds!

Thanks for the info - I’ll be off back later!

Here you go - see here