Strange noises............

After a week and a half of ownership I know can understand people niggles about creeks and squeaks which I can live with. However one noise is bothering me. When accelerating and de-accelerating there is a whining type noise coming from the front left hand side of the car. I know its not the s/charger as I can determine that noise. I don’t think its a wheel bearing cos that would hum all the time. Is this a common noise with the Exige S and nothing to worry about? I did think it could be the air intake but ruled that out after sticking my head out the window while my girlfreind drove the car. Any help would be appreciated…

remove girlfriend from front passenger seat


Hi Gman,

Got an Exige S & it doesn’t do this & never heard of anyone else having this ‘noise’, just a suggestion but have you checked the wheel liners are attached properly (I’m sure someone else will come up with a better idea).

Affirmative - It’s her car but she only seems to make that noise when I’m driving along with violent gripping of sill and inner edge of seat (I’m no Lewis Hamilton but I can’t be that scary ) & no I’m not trying to scare the pants off her!!