strange noise - plus im new !

hey guys im new on here.
but anyway bought an exige s in feb this year on an 06 plate and if i let go of the throttle in any gear at around 3000rpm theres a strange noise like air being released or lightly rubing metal but if i just press very lightly on the throttle it goes away… does anyone know if this is normal and if so what on earth is it?
thanks for reading.

Hi there,

I had the same issue with my ‘S’ with the sound being alot worse in 5th & 6th gear at motorway speed. I raised it at the 1st service and was told that it is normal for a supercharged car. I think that it is fairly normal, I recall that some other owners have had the same problems.

heard it in every Elise/Exige I have owned (3 in total). Sometimes louder, sometimes quieter - looks like its a TATDS thing (they all do that, sir). Dont worry about it.


thanks guys for the input…
at least im no longer worried about it breaking down.