Strange Blowers / Aircon Problem

Driving back from the washed out Croft Trackday yesterday, my blowers / Aircon decided to stop working

I got very little air from the vents and what i did get was red hot, which made for a very uncomfortable, steamy trip home in very bad road conditions

A quick mess around with the heating controls when i got it home in the garage and i got a glugging sound from the front of the car, and a load of water was deposited all over the garage floor

Just taken the car out for a run around the block this morning and all is fine again , although when the blowers are on hot the air coming out is a little steamy

Hi Phil

I’ve been out in monsoon conditions (incl Fri en route from Glasgow) many times without that happening. Probably difficult to repeat with a hosepipe but it does sound like water is getting into the vents somehow

Worth checking all seals for loose fittings though.


Mine did this on a hot day once. I found a puddle under the car the day after. The drain under the AC evaporator must get a bit blocked and prevent the condensed water from draining off thus knobbling it completely. I haven’t found where the drain is yet though…

Phil, mine has done this on three trips now, and Ive had a few issues with my dealer, however many in the states have suffered the same problem. What is happening is that the heater matrix is freezing up, this restricts the airflow etc. There is a service bullatin that has been issued by lotus, Jan 2005 i think. I have a copy on file that i can send if you pm me your email address. It is due to the sensor being in the wrong place on the heater matrix so lets it freeze up. One moved apparently it cures it. Mine has been fine so far (4 days).