Stone chips

Stone chips: totally unavoidable, unless the paintwork has the impenetrable strength of tank armour. I have considered using armourven (forgive the spelling) as a option. What do you guys think? Alternatively, I could take the car back to the dealers, say once a year, for touch-ups or respray.

KevinAs you quite rightly say, stonechips are unavoidable, & a fact of life with an Exige. Some colours hide them (new ali, titanium) but others like mine (laser blue) show them only too well.Armourfend is good for protection, but again on some colours can be seen. It’s not cheap, I think you are looking at about �1K for protecting the front & sides.The choice is yours…

Cheers for a quick response, Pesky, and for the correction in spelling [image][/image]I’ll try to locate a website with more info on Armourfend, and decide whether it is worth it. I have no problems with getting the car resprayed or touched-up whenever it needs it.