Stone chip protection film

I am taking delivery of a new Exige this week in exchange for my three year old Elise (sorry to see it go) and due to my experiance with the Elise I am considering having protection fitted to the Exige.
I want to have this fitted by a professional who will do a great job, do you know anyone that can be recommended for this work.



Get yourself along to MLOC. CarlyLove runs a Ventureshield business and is offering 20% discount to MLOC members.

mine came fitted with armourfend. highly reccommended - altho when some slag reversed into it, it meant that I had to have the film replaced along with the spray job

Fantastic thanks Steve

I had the lotus kit fitted to mine by the dealer…�99 plus fitting…came out at about �140. I looked at armourfend and a number of others and they wanted between �350 and �500 and from what I can tell they all do the same job. I’m pleased with mine.