Stiffer Springs? Advice req'd

I am thinking of having stiffer springs put on the car to limit the roll whilst on track. I suppose i will also need to do the dampers at the same time, any advice on what works well? Mark.

MarkThere is a whole shed load of talk about this on the lotusbbs.I’m changing to Nitrons with 400 rear and 325 front - seems to be the most talked about comprimise for road/track and price/value

Miniman has the right number for compromising between road and track. If you do track-only - 550/600 is the UPPER LIMIT before you gotta get a different front splitter and wing.Even that said, I would not go higher than 500/550.

Thanks for the advice Miniman and Beto.I am at Brands on Monday and a friend has Nitron on his S2 so i will see what difference it males. Having said that i have just been to Lakeside and spoke with Art, a cracking chap and i might look at lowering the car at the track instead first, we will see, Mark.

That will certainly reduce body roll - the cornering force will be acting closer to the cars centre of gravity, giving less rotation across the car. Make sure you move the back in parallel to the front, otherwise you can affect the understeer/oversteer characteristics of the car… You should also be aware that this will affect the bump steer.Make sure you bring the right spanner - I will bring the one I have for my Leda set up just in case!CheersCheersMark

Thanks MarkD.Can you remind me to re-set them before leaving BH as it is hard enough getting over speed humps as it is. Mark