Stiff Gears

G-day all,
Just a quick poll to see if anyone else suffers from the gear lever losing its ‘sprung-loaded’ action when hot. When cold it is fine and returns to centre position but as soon as I have been out for half an hour it will stay wherever I put it. Also when hot it is becoming very difficult to get in and out of gear, again when cold it is lovely ! The dealer that it is currently at being serviced say this is common for the exiges. Do you all agree ?



Mine certainly does that. But not always
I put it down to the Elisparts linkage kit I’ve fitted. I keep meaning to get under the car, and try fettling it again.
Do you have the Eliseparts linkage?

Mine doesn’t self centre ever… I thought it was a TADTS

When I got my car a year ago the gears were very stiff.
It was mainly first (I was left stranded at Islands a few time because it wouldnt go in!) but effected the whole box too.

It had the B&M short shift on. I checked the linkages in the car and under on the box, lubed everything in site and hey presto…Perfect

Its just starting to tighten up again so might need a good old lubrication again. Might be worth a check

Glad to hear Iam not alone. If only it would drive how it does when cool, things would be great. The other thing is that it sounds really crap in reverse. Sound like my Fiesta when the syncrhomesh went.

Mine gets really slushy on a hot trackday. I’m going to switch to the Nylatron bushes to try and stop them going spungy when hot.


I’m on an absolutely standard setup and although 1st to 2nd does seem quite a long throw, I have never had any problems with either gear selection or self-centering…

My linkage as the car came was sloppy so i fitted the Eliseparts bushes+short-shift.This got rid of the sloppiness hot+cold but i altered the leverage-ratio of the short-shift as it was too "notchy"as standard.Now its as near to perfect hot+cold as possible.

This problem is all to do with the quadrant that pivots on a pin on the gearbox - if the locknut for that is too tight the expansion when hot of the components causes that quadrant to stiffen up and that stops the self centre action - to cure it you need to clean up the pin and put plenty of high temp grease on it and not have the lock nut too tight - I know becuase I just “solved” the sticky self centre when hot this way …