Sticky Throttle

I had a problem with my Exige holding high revs at Bedford yesterday, eventually it stuck full open on the straight, fortunately just before the chicane, not the hairpin!A 340R had exactly the same problem by coincidence. After taking the air filter and a few other bits off I found exactly why it happens. There are two springs that pull back the mech at the end of the throttle cable and close the butterflies. Under these is a collar which sits between the throttle bodies which is there (I presume) to cushion the springs. Unfortunately it isn’t quite wide enough, so one of the turns of the spring can get caught down the side of it, getting trapped. Once it�s done this, the throttle is either very sticky or gets stuck.A quick solution if desperate is to hook the left spring off (you can see the top of it next the idle screw). The throttle will still return, this is what had to be done to the 340R (try taking the air filter and bits off that while sitting in the pits!).Just thought I’d pass on the knowledge of having my head stuck in the engine bay for two hours while at a track day (something which no-one should have to do!)CheersDJPS: Was helped to do the fix by Dave from Sinclaires who had van tools on hand, saviour of the day![This message has been edited by insane-dj (edited 06 May 2003).]