Sticky throttle S2 not DBW

Hello again :wave:

I seem to have a sticky thottle. I can be driving and then release the clutch and engine is at 2000ish RPM.

I can get it to drop by a heavy blip on the throttle but it often returns after a period of contast pedal pressing say when in traffic at 50mph. The revs rise as per , but never quite drop to below 2000rpm unless - you guessed it, I blip it.

Any idea? I dont think its an interface problem between throttlebody butterfly and throttle body so perhaps this leaves the return to idle spring , cable , or what else?

I have a clutch spring coming to replace my squeaky one, but struggling with an accelerator pedal spring.

Re clutch squeaking, even if you’re utterly convinced it’s coming from the pedal, IME it almost always comes from the clutch fork in the gearbox. Luckily there’s a nice little access hole with a boot, you can pop the boot off and finger some grease in there to shut it up. I’ve had to do this on all three of my 2ZZ cars!

As for the return to idle, I’m not sure I have much to add other than a sticky cable maybe. Hopefully some mileage frees it up :ok_hand:

Fair shout on the grease. I have a spring coming anyway as it was £3 something.

I am thinking it’s cable related too but firing the parts cannon at it in order of cheapness / easy to swap with a duff knee!