Sticky throttle bodies

I know that it is a common problem on the MkI Elise, but has anyone successfully fixed a sticky throttle body without winding another turn on the throttle return spring or spending �235 + VAT on the alternative ally replacement part? Im not really inclined to spend any money since it is only an annoyance - but the throttle return spring adjustment has already been done…Any ideas pls?? BTW - Lotus has refused to help [image][/image]

yes, easy repair…Replace it with a Aluminuim Throttle Body, depending on if you go for a Std Diameter (48mm) or a Trophy 160 Throttle Body with a (52mm Diameter).Cost for the TB from a Trophy 160 is wothwhile, gives 2-3 lbs more Torque and is available from PTP at �98 + VAT.NO more sticking, little extra gain and not to expensive - easy to fit also, so no trip to the Dealer.

Stu- Does the Trophy 160 throttle body come with the throttle positioning sensor and all the relevant bits and pieces that hang off the original? Do you happen to a have a web address or phone number for PTP please?Cheers [image][/image]

Steve,I don’t know if this helps at all - my Exige had the same problem a while back. (See Mine just went away on it’s own - as I said back then, if only every problem did!Ian

I believe it comes as a complete assembly (the std one does for sure and I would believe so does the 160 Unit)

The Trophy 160 throttle bodies do come with the throttle sensor - I just shipped 40 odd of them. sell them onlinecheersOwen

Thanks to Owen at Race Speed - I now have a Trophy160 throttle body on the car which has made a considerable improvement to the responsiveness of the motor. Also, the low down torque seems to have improved much to my surprise as the car pulls better from low revs and in higher gears.For those that are interested - my MKI wasn’t standard anyway as it had the B&C 140 upgrade. Whether that makes any difference with regards to the TB (i doubt it) but the main point being that the throttle is not sticking any more!! [image][/image]Cheers Steve