Sticky mess

Well, I took my headlights covers off at last… sticky or what, but I have a dilemma… that sticky silicon left on the covers is a bit*h to get off. I�m thinking ‘thinners’? Any one done this yet, any ideas?

If yours were siliconed on it could be tricky.When they were doing my kitchen recently the silicon used to seal the sink to the work surface actually bent the old sink in half and pulled chunks of the work surface off whilst removing it. It’s serious stuff!You may find careful work with a knife more affective than chemicals!Ian [image][/image]

AntDO NOT USE THINNERS !!I think the covers are Polycarbonate - thats an amorphous plastic resin and is attacked by solvents - your covers will go white and craze over !!Best you can do is carefully cut it off and then use polish to get rid of the rest - carefull use of brasso may work as well.

thanks lads, looks like im in for a long weekend! Just have to leave them off if the sun shines! By the way Miniman, Peskey tells me you live near Brum, im in Malvern, how far are you away?

AntI’m in a place called Halesowen which is on the A456 from Birmingham to Kidderminster.Let me know if passing !!!Andrew

Yeh, used to live in Kiddy, best mate lives in Churchhill, Blakedown. I come over about every other week. Your 30 mins away. It would be good to meet up. Email your number: [email protected]