sticking door catches

Both the door buttons now get stuck when I push them in and the door won’t open. Once you get it open the catch won’t work and the door bounces open again when you try to shut it. There is no problem if the door is opened from the inside. The car was new in November and Gordon Lamb just say that it is excess grease causing the problem. Anyone had the same?

I had this ('06MY car so relatively new) as well.

I took the car to Gordon Lamb and was told that the outer casing of the lock had split which was causing them to stick.

Apparently this is a known problem and Lotus has a redesigned part available which they fitted to my car under the warranty.

thank you. Gordon Lamb are now saying the same thing and are taking the car in to fit new barrel sleeves.

ah the benefits of central locking!

my pax door barrel is seized - my drivers door goes through phases. i normally put the key into it and wiggle it to tease the barrel back out…

will add it my list that CN seem to have forgotten about…

ah the benefits of central locking!

Even with CL a sticking barrel means you can’t open or close the door!

I had my locks replaced under warranty.