Sticking Brakes

Just a quick one.
After not driving my S2 n/a Exige for about a month i noticed that on occasion after releasing the brakes they lightly stuck on for a second or so, even after 20 or so miles, this happened during low, moderate and hard applications. The car is only used as a 2nd car, but i have never experienced this before ?

Any ideas or advice gratefully received, Rob.

Could be the servo?

Drive it more !!

get it in the elan, its either the servo or master cylinder sticking. lots of use sorts it

Ha ha, i knew someone would use the " drive it more line " i wish i could be driving it more and making the most of all the good weather, but have been to busy with work.
I will see if the problem is still present next time i drive it and if so will check the servo or master cylinder.

Thanks for your help, Rob.

Lol … don’t look too hard for the cure , probably minor surface rust / sticky sliding parts …probably self cure itself …
Servo ? Maybe clean the filter if it reassures you … master cylinder ? Nah !

Regular driving is the key :wink: