Stepspeed in Lotus

Hi,Does anyone knows if a Stepspeed sequential gearbox out of a MGFcan be fitted in a Elise/Exige ?

even if it can I don’t think anyone will admit to having fitted one on this site!

why not ?Not having to take your hands off the steeringwheel while driving souds good to me (confer Ferrari F1)

I read somewhere that this gaerbox would only take up to about 140 BHP - Exige would kill it if anyone drove it how it’s meant to be driven + low speed would be a disater without a manual clutch - if you want a sequential paddle shift gearbox - suggest you vist Quaife - we bit more expensive - 5k upwards though.[This message has been edited by Guy (edited 19 September 2001).]

Its also not a proper sequential 'box - apaprently its one of the variable CVT thingies (or something) - ie a variation of a cheap auto 'box.

‘CVT thingies’ - a big rubber band really!!

There’s a scan on the October EVO review of Quaife/QED sequential box fitted to an Elise on Rob Collingridge’s site if that’s of any help. MazMan - Elise S2 now.