I am having a problem with my 1996 S1 elise i had asked for the tracking setting whuch i was given thanks but i seem to have some free play in the steering rack is this the same as a metro or does it have a different set up in it

Do you have a remove steering wheel? Their hubs often get some slack, which feels like the rack.


No the steering wheel is standard the problem i am having is that the tyres are wearing on the inside and the steering is a bit twitchy and when i have put it on a lift there seems to be some play on the n/s wheel

Are the ball joints worn perhaps which could lead to some free play, and all bolts torqued correctly. It seems silly but if wheel nuts are loose the disc moves and it can seem like free play in the rack, as can a worn wheel bearing.

As far as tires wearing down on the inside it can be to much negative camber or toe causing it, if the car is twitchy i would imagine the toe settings are incorrect, causing the tires to wear down unevenly and creating a twitchy feeling.

That however does not explain the movement in the rack, if it was worn i would think the play would be evident on both sides as the rack moves no matter which wheel you turn and should exhibit the play on both front wheels with the steering held stationary.

Try to narrow down the cause before replacing the rack as ball joints, track rod ends and wheel bearing are all far cheaper and easier to replace if they are to blame.


totally agree with Jason

I think you almost deffo have a worn ball-joint/track-rod end/steering rak etc…