Steering wheels

HELP!!!I’m confused with my wheels… [image][/image]I’ve got a horible squareish removable steering wheel on my car and want to change it back to the original Lotus one. Yes I know you’ll all think I’m mad, but I like the look of the original one and whats more it’s round and not this silly square thing!!!Problem I have is that after removing all removable bit I’m left with the aluminium boss (after pulling it off the steering coloum) and for some reason the 4 holes in it don’t line up with the 4 in the wheel. Everyone I’ve spoken to say that when fitting the removable unit they use the original boss, so why does my boss not fit my Lotus wheel???I was given the wheel (minus a boss) when I bought the car, could it be off an Elise? surely they would be the same!!Anybody got any ideas or am I gonna have to just find a new round one to fit the removable unit??

Dave,I’ll do a swap with you [image][/image]

Phil,Wish I’d read this before, Just ordered new boss (or splined hub as they call it) from Kings for about �26 still at least it won’t break the bank.[This message has been edited by Dave Kelly (edited 27 January 2003).]


Phil,I’ve got a Sparco ‘square’ wheel that I took off my Caterham. 305mm width to the outside of the rim and trimmed in red alcantara. No hub and drilled for the standard Sparco bolt-ring and the Caterham 3 bolt QR system (the 3 additional holes are covered by the alloy trim ring). If you want it you can have it for �45