Steering wheel

Evening all, got my momo steering wheel and boss kit delivered today, fitting it tomorrow morn. Is it possible to remove the old wheel without the pulling tool?

G’mornin Rooney - congrats on t’sterin wheel justy off to bed now

I would use a puller to avoid breaking the collapsible part of your steering column. As it happens, I would not have got mine off without one anyway…

Have herd of a few that have managed to pull the old wheel off, however some have found out to there cost that you must only slacken the nut holding the wheel in place and not remove it completely, other wise you can end up with a nice Lotus imprint in the middle of your face.


Cheers guys, where would I get a puller at short notice? Roads are dry, sun’s out, must drive!

Remove the column cowel and use a standard 3 leg draper type puller which most car tool places sell. (you want the large size). like below.


sun’s out, must drive!

I thought the same on Saturday, but got caught in the snow coming back from Sterling, passing Knockhill, which was interesting
Which steering wheel did you go for.
If anyone is intrested looks like Lotus are having a bit of a clear out again, they are offering the Motor sport steering wheel in black/red for �211 should be �422, not sure which one this is or whats included, part number A111H0022J, phone number for ordering is 01953 608253, might have been tempted but blue harnesses and red dont really go.



its the momo team 300mm wheel and the boss kit from b&c. got it fitted yesterday but havent driven with it yet.
Had to buy the puller from Halfords, I told the guy I didn’t think it would fit so he said to bring it back for a refund if its no good. Obviously I’m taking it back…�25 back in the pocket!