Steering Wheel Diameter

What is it - 300mm ??

I know I could measure it … but for the last 10 days and for the next 7 I’m no where near the thing


Andy, it is 315mm, although I went to 300mm when I changed mine with no problems with seeing the instruments etc.

I thought the standard wheel was 320mm. It is slightly offset though, with the centre point set just below (I believe) the actual middle, giving a bit more knee room. If you’ve seen videos of tank slappers from inside the car you can see what looks like the wheel moving up and down as the steering wheel spins.

I like a small wheel and have also gone for a (completely round) 300mm, MOMO Power with removable hub. They don’t seem to make that any more but it’s a bit less fussy version of the one below, but with a Lotus badge in the middle.



Thanks Russ/Ian

Oh … Ian - I have a video of MY wheel doin’ just that


If you are thinking of getting a new wheel, Ive got a spare Momo 320mm + Boss as per the original Lotus kit sat it my cupboard at home.

Its going on mine as soon as I have the time but your quite welcome to try it to see if you like it before you buy one.

I can pop it round when I bring the wheels back