Steering Wheel Come Off

I know quite a few Exigers have removable steering wheels so this might interest them

At weekend whilst participating in an Autotest at Rufford the steering wheel came off completely from the boss on one of the 111s Elises - I think it was the set screws that had sheared (not enough thread penetration?). Sobering thought he was on a Silverstone track day last week

Check your mountings guys…

IDG will now be having North Weald flashbacks - same issue…

Yup! See here

Be very careful about checking the mounting, as in my experience the safety of the whole set-up (of the black Snap-on unit) is significantly reduced when it is dismantled.

The screws are steel and the hub aluminium, never a particularly good idea. When the screws are removed and reinserted the thread is weakened dramatically. This wasn’t helped by the dealer fitting the shorter of the nuts on the kit into the wrong holes. If that is done, and it’s easy to, only two turns of thread are used to keep the removable boss on to the steering column. Even though there are six of them, they all gave way on mine. Interestingly, when I replaced the bolts supplied by Snap-on with standard M6 ones (as provided by the airfield engineers on my Andy Walsh day - yay!) the thread held rock solid.