Steering wheel boss

So took delivery of my new omp steering wheel and boss today, that’s the good news the bad news is it seems like the new bass adapter dose not want to go on and I don’t really want to force it just in case it’s the wrong one. Anybody fitted one? And if so was it hard to get on.

thanks in advance :smiley:

didn’t have any trouble with mine, are the splines correct? number and size?

I got a Momo boss earlier this year from Demon Tweeks and wouldnt fit. They said it had been wrongly machined I think.

Yeah am thinking they sent me wrong one, its a mountney boss. I think it would fit if banged it on! It say on the delivery note to suit vaxhall/Opel and others. So surely it should to suit exige and others.

Did you get it from Demon Tweeks aswell?

No it was from jjc race and rally. Gutted, was really looking forward to fitting it over crimbo. There doesn’t seem to be any other company’s that do the boss, and the mountney one seems to be poor quality. Am loving the omp steering wheel though look really smart.

My steering wheel boss wears a dress…

My boss seemed to go straight on with no bother so I wouldn’t force it

Why not ring demon tweeks and see if you can confirm sizing or a name for it

Tryed ringing them earlier to day put closed till the 27th now.

Spoke to jjc this morning and they told me that the same boss should fit all elise/exige models, dose anyone no if this is true or if it changed on the newer airbag models? I don’t seem to be getting very far with this.

Is your car the air bag model or not? I changed wheels on the pre-air bar cars without issues, and others have done so swapping out the air bag wheel. I suspect you have been supplied with the wrong boss.

Mine has not got the air bag. There telling me they have sent the rite one, the said they are going to speak to mountney and see if there all the same.

Sounds like your supplier doesn’t have a clue…

They are saying you have the right one & will check they are all the same? Stick to your guns & get the right one sent out to you

Got new boss and got it on, must say very poor quality. Can’t get the horn to work? The metal pin at the back wont touch and also there is no connection for the eart wire, any ideas?

never seen a Mountney one fit properly.

Eliseparts one works well, we have out own which doesn’t rely on splines and is just push on and turn whee, more race focused as in theory its not road legall, I think eliseshop have one as well.

Yeah really poorly made, even the screws to hold the wheel on don’t go in. Going to have to re thread them to get them in.

I’d ditch it and get a proper boss…just put it down to experience. if I recall back to my Ford Anglia days Mountney always made the cheaper steering wheels and bosses

Lotus Sport supplied a ‘snap off’ boss with the removable momo wheel.

The elise parts one is fine…

Well it’s on and sorted but for anyone out there thinking of getting the mountney one I wouldn’t bother cos crap.