steerin wheels

hi, im soon replacing my steering wheel.
i want a q release system which i hadin my westfield,not only helps gettin in n out but a good anti theft device too. what application do i want? from where? and how much? also i used a d shaped s wheel in my westy (it had quick rack) what do folk use for the lotus etc? pics


I bought the Elise-shop kit. Snap-off and Sparco 383. Very good wheel, very good deal. Only slightly larger, 330mm, than the std. but much thicker. Get a spacer as well to get the wheel closer. Ergonomics is NOT a Lotus speciality.


I went for a round steering wheel. My thinking was that a shaped one might give me some more leg room but if I tend to loose the car in a drift and need some quick steering I prefer a round one



Nice car and kept very well…

Now put in back in the garage!!!

It covered 9500 miles this season. What about yours The garage is only for insurance reasons.

Season ended early due to rattling balls


PS. I mean balljoints

Nice car and kept very well…

Of course its nice it came from a good home and has gone to an even better one …isn’t it lucky.