Steel bar

I know it is a strange request, but I need to find a local supplier (SE ESSEX) of 5 or 6mm mild steel bar, I need about 100 18" lengths, best price I have found so far is over �100 +VAT which seems a lot to me?


Did you say Steel Bands mate :smiley:

Is Dan Dan your stage name :sunglasses:

Ade are you talking bar as in round and not flat bar? If so you will be looking at around �90 for what you need - before any cutting charges, so if its not much over �100 probably not a bad price.

Thanks, yes round, unless flat would be cheaper? But least I know the price is about right. :slight_smile:

PS thanks JF :wink:

Try these people Suffolk steel stock holders Sudbury…
01787 370015.
Quoted me about �2.50 for 6 m Length of 6mm BUT I have to cut it myself…they said bring your own hacksaw!!.
Hope this helps.

I’ve used in the past. Not sure how cheap they are but its a handy way of getting what I was after.

Thanks guys I shall try them :smiley:

Ade hold your horses, my mate I think has some 6mm kicking about I can get them dropped off. I’ll confirm later, �50 I think.

There is no absolute rush for these so I can wait, cheers JF :smiley: